Dark day

Some days

are one of those days.

Dark grey.

You are alone.

Every face on the street

a potential threat

an enemy.

Reality swoops in a spiral



Hope is but a distant dream.

These days

I beg you

to breathe

whether it’s rain

damp earth, green grass

dry leaves and crisp air

or rich flowers and golden hair

breathe all in.

I beg you

to ignore the news

the headlines blaring

glaring – close your eyes

turn your music up high

ask for a hug

or give one

give ten

give smiles

buy flowers

drink water


Continue to love

love blindly

love wildly

love ’til you radiate love

love ’til you are love

and suddenly

it’s not really

one of those days



they say being in love is climbing a tree

they say being in love is climbing a tree:

you crawl and climb

feel the rush in your veins

drink the air

the earth’s breath in your hair

you forget to inhale


your eyes water at the sun’s gold

your fingertips grip raw

& callused from holding tight

but you keep on



to wonder

how you’ll get down.