A Thai Abroad

It’s a tough time being a Thai abroad.

Your grief is indescribable to your friends.

Your loneliness like an empty street on a dark night where all the shops are bright and even the concrete shines with dew.


But how do you explain a love so old you don’t recall a day alive without it?

There wasn’t one single moment that you were convinced, won over.

It’s just there.

It’s oxygen in your veins.

It’s the rain you were born with.

It’s the song of your childhood.

It’s the orange-gold sun washing over your street, your home.

It’s in every grain of rice, every book you read, every movie you saw – you would stand, teary-eyed, as your chest squeezed with that love.

It’s that sweetness on your tongue when you call his name: Nai Luang – like sugarcane.


Not many others have been sons and daughters of this love.

It’s a tough time being a Thai abroad.

But I’m grateful that I can always follow this pain home.