One dark night

Her face is perfection

Imprinted on my eyelids when all I want is darkness

Her face is poison

And thorns that I drink and lie on again, again, again

Her face is that ghost

That hovers when I look in the mirror

My face

Then her face

What I could have been

But am not

Her face is hatred

A ball of fire

Heat that expands

Rises from the inside

My gut burns with this hate

It fills my throat, my head

I slap, I slap

This face that I hate

(My ears ring)

It’s not that I want hers instead

I just hate


I will burst with this hate

I will kill with this hate

I hold, I hold

I slap, I slap

Until, finally, it flows

The drips start off slow

But it flows in red and white

The fight is no more

I let my hate flow

I help my hate flow