Thoughts while watching Selma:

Ignorance, they say, is bliss.

It is also easy. Lazy.

An excuse.


It is indulgent. It is safety.

It is also a baton, carefully wrapped in spiky wires, dripping with blood.

It is also a kick in the stomach, the face.

It is also teargas.

It is also a bullet, or six.

It is also a child, with a toy gun, dead.

When does ignorance become evil?

When you make a racist joke, is it ignorant or evil?

When you enslave a population, is it ignorant or evil?

When you reduce someone’s culture into your nightclub’s decoration?

When you switch the channel because you’re tired of Ferguson?

When you say #AllLivesMatter?

Because all those white faces, distorted with hate, spitting with rage, yelling and cheering on as the protesters bled on that bridge in Selma, Alabama, were just ignorant.


But I wonder, where is the bliss in that?