Beautiful – original poem

You are beautiful

for that scar, a crater on your nose,

that crooked tooth, a shared secret,

in a line of perfect teeth,

for the shades of your eyes,

a perfect high

definition capture

of faraway constellations,

for the swelling star

marked on the shoulder where

my head rests,

for the way your eyes crinkle

and corners of your mouth

fold like double parentheses,

for the way your hair

stands, jumps, laughs, flaps, flies,

stubborn, electrified

and the way you can’t hide

the joy of seeing me.


But more than that,

You are beautiful

for the way you kiss my hand,

long and thoughtful,

for the way you waited


to say you loved me,

for simply

saying no, you’d rather watch the stars,

for the way you

see, hug, wrap, greet, snuggle up,

kiss me half-conscious

as a part of waking up,

for the five minutes

the half an hour

you have stood

cold, bored, frustrated,

outside my window,

and for the half-forgotten kiss

those smiling eyes

ready, waiting, no matter what,

no matter what,



you are

for surprising me

every single day,


for never hiding

the joy of seeing me.