Second poem of the day – guess I’m on a roll

Today is one of those days

where my head is sunny

and my chest glows

yellow and gold –

A stream of love-like shiver

flows through lines of my body

I never knew I had;

the tips of my fingers tingle

like they have a tune to dance to –

My eyes remain closed

but my vision is clear;

my head is foggy

yet I can feel the world –


Today is one of those days

where my mind, my heart, my guts, my fingers, my toes – I

am in love

with nothing in particular

and my existence grows large

with such clarity

and joy and pain and love –

Love, so heavy, so full

of love

flooding, gushing

from every pore of my being

filling up the room

but with nowhere to go –

Midnight poem

My chest is keeping me up tonight:

barely breathing

I trace needles creeping under my skin –

nails dragging, skipping, scraping

from my neck

marking the line of my back –

my ribs crackling at each other

pulling in, out, in, out, crushing

collapsing into a black hole

that is my chest

swallowing my air, my blood, my heart, my self in