TUI – “Travel more. See more.”


I have just stumbled upon this print campaign for TUI and it’s the first in a while that is so simple and clever and at the same time says exactly what it needs to say, no more no less.


It is the product of Grey China for TUI, a travel operator, to simply say that the company offers more in-depth experiences so travelers can expect more than just a clichéd visits to iconic places.

It consists of many versions of the print ads shown above with headlines such as:

“The Sydney Opera House is not Australia.”

“The Forbidden City is not China.”

“The Cologne Cathedral is not Germany.”

“The Pyramid is not Egypt.”


Tony Brignull on Copywriting

I found this video via D&AD and wanted to share it with you guys here.

Tony Brignull, an advertising copywriter, shares with us what inspires him as a copywriter, the process he goes through with each ad campaign, and leaves us with some useful tips.

It’s very straightforward and I think it would be quite helpful for copywriters to come back and listen to this once in a while.