Nike for women

Recently, I have come across a few of beautiful advertisements from Nike that go against the grain when it comes to female perception.

The above TV spot, “Voices”, is self-explanatory. Below is another print ad along a similar theme.

I am not here today to discuss the company’s activities with their employees, which are much to criticize and will lead to another long and pointless discussion. I am here about the power of advertising – the power that big companies have to utilize for the better or for worse. Sure, essentially, they are trying to win the hearts of customers and sell more products. But if they can actually create some positive influences to the society in the meantime, then I’m for it.

With so many backwards, anti-progress, anti-women, anti-equality corporate advertising campaigns out there, Nike is leading a good example. With advertising being an influential source of ideas and values in the society, advertising campaigns like this one can really help get the public into the right mindset.

Although I realize that most companies still fail to live up to their own advertising messages, I completely support this campaign and many alike with all my heart. Go equality!



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  1. Yukiko · September 14, 2012

    Thanks for providing this information on your site.

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