32 Innovations that will change your tomorrow

I have just read an article on The New York Times on a list of 32 Innovations that will change your tomorrow, and I am very impressed.

There is so much innovation and creativity in all of them. And the crazy bit is that it’s not just another creative idea for an advertising campaign that can be computer generated. These are real innovations that are becoming reality.

Here are some of my favorites:

#5 Shampooing machine. A machine that washes, shampoos, and blow dries your hair while you just sit there and enjoy the show. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? After reading this, you kind of go “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” For someone with super long hair like me, this will save me so much time and trouble in the morning.

#6 The congestion killer. A theory that a certain amount of space left between cars will help with most traffic jams. If a car gets too close to the one in front of it, it has to slow down, causing the following car to do the same, and so on. Once explained, it makes so much sense. The idea is simple, but it can really solve many city problems.

#7, 8, 9 Better bikes. All of these ideas are great. No more grease on your legs/pants from the chains. And an internal lock that thieves will have to break the bike to steal it. My boyfriend once chained his bike in front of his apartment and found it stolen the next morning. Simple locks don’t really work anymore. If the thieves really want to take the bike, they will.

#11 Better air in airplanes. Better humidity and pressure control in airplane air? Yes, yes, yes! This will make my plane trips so much more pleasant. Next innovation, the baby silencer.

#16 Body movement login. Apparently, your body movement is as unique as your fingerprint, so it’s better than any code you can come up with. This is so clever. If the facts are correct, I see no reason to use anything else!

#20 Synthetic alcohol. No alcohol. No hangover. No super drunkenness. Just the pleasant buzz. This is so Star Trek. The buzz without the pain? Oh my!

#21 Mind-reading shopping cart. It understands your dinner, your shopping list, your diet. And since it scans all your food once you drop it in, there’s no need to wait in line to pay at the till. This is so clever and super useful.

#22 Better-looking movies. Increasing frame rates makes movies look better. So if we increase from the current 24 images to say, 48 or 60, everything can be so good it’s almost holographic. This is another one of those things that make you wonder why no one’s done this before.

#24, 25 Illness detectors. From diagnosing diseases in your sleep to confirming depression with blood tests. New technologies that help with detecting illnesses are always a win.

#28 Quality dinner, frozen. This allows anyone to buy a Michelin meal frozen, defrost and eat it while it tastes like it’s freshly cooked. Anything food-related is always a win.

Anywhos, these are just my favorites. The rest is super cool as well. Enjoy!


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