Words on Victory Tea project

A few months ago I handed in my university final project: a campaign for Victory Tea.

And now I’ve just received really lovely words on the project from the team at Victory Tea themselves. And it’s published on their blog.


Here’s what they said:

Newcastle Student Brews Up Winning Tea Design

A few weeks ago we received an email from a friend of Victory Tea who told us about a girl doing work experience at her PR company called Oeil Jumratsilpal. Oeil was studying Advertising & Media right here at university in Newcastle and she had chosen to do her final year project on Victory Tea. Well we were terribly honoured. All we knew was that she had had to produce “a promotional campaign across various media channels” and that she was keen to show us her work. So we awaited the finished article with interest and anticipation, looking forward to seeing how an inventive outsider would interpret the brand and what they would do with it if they got their hands on our superior teabags for real. The results were victorious and we were very impressive with Oeil’s ideas. She had really got to grips with the core brand messages and had continued the design and copy in the Victory Tea tone of voice which is so crucial to our communication and brand-building. We particularly loved the Best of British style visuals. Oeil’s beautiful poster designs were a work of art in themselves and her imagining of them in a London underground setting worked brilliantly. The best bit of the whole experience was the idea that someone random out there had seen the website (or the product), got inspired and then let their creative juices run riot. And that they hadn’t lost sight of the commercial aspect – we want people to not just love Victory Tea but buy Victory Tea too!  Oeil hadn’t contacted us to request any info or imagery from us nor was there any guarantee that we’d give her any feedback or even view her work. (Of course we would have done but that’s not the point.) She just went off and came up with something fantastic. And then put it out there. A true creative. Happily we DID see her stuff and also thought it was marvellous. We absolutely adore the teacup illustration so don’t be surprised if it pops up now and again. And if Oeil didn’t get a triple first or whatever they dish out these days  – there’ll be trouble.

We’ve put more of her designs on the Facebook page so pop over and take a look.

Here’s the link to the blogpost: http://www.victorytea.co.uk/blog/2012/05/newcastle-student-brews-up-winning-tea-design/.

My gratitude is beyond words!


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