iStockphoto print ad

I have just come across this press advertisement for iStockphoto and I just have to share it. It’s copy-based and it’s plain genius. I love the quirky tone of voice and amazing insight into advertisers’ lifestyle and mentality.

Check it out:


We hear you.

You’re angry.

The client is a turd.

Your dreams of sunning yourself in LA

are in the gutter.

Now you have to search online for a photo.

By yourself.

The shame of it.


At iStockphoto we can help.

We source high-quality images

from the creative community.

So rest assured, our images won’t undermine

your masterfully crafted headline.


Hope that helps.

If not, go back to being angry.

Maybe storm out in a rage.

Or go on Facebook for an hour.


That’ll show ‘em.



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