Crafty Room

I have just recently finished a freelance project. The client is opening a small creative space for arts & crafts product and I was to help with the branding project through copywriting.

After a pitch with the client, we settled on “Crafty Room” as their store name, and “a cozy space for crafts & art lovers” as their tagline.

I also wrote their store profile as a proposal to the mall in order to rent a space:

We are friendly fans of crafts & arts, aspiring to share our love for creativity with others. We already have the ideas, the plan, and the work. All we need is a small space that we can call our own.

We work with our hands, driven wholly by our devotion to creative ideas. We have so far created shoes, handbags, boxes, purses, and beautiful floral displays. But our journey has just begun.


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