Artworklove are a team of designers, continually creating great, beautiful work. Here is what they say about themselves:

Artworklove are a team of French and English art directors and designers.

We create original identities, printed and digital material for clients in the fields of art and culture, luxury, moving image and publishing.

Our approach is based on artistic experimentation and systematic design structure, and we specialise in the production of sensitively finished work with a well-considered balance of form and function.

We have a varied and loyal client list, and we’re just as comfortable working on large multi-disciplinary projects as intimate collaborations.

I cannot believe I haven’t heard of them before. Check out their site, trust me!

Crafty Room

I have just recently finished a freelance project. The client is opening a small creative space for arts & crafts product and I was to help with the branding project through copywriting.

After a pitch with the client, we settled on “Crafty Room” as their store name, and “a cozy space for crafts & art lovers” as their tagline.

I also wrote their store profile as a proposal to the mall in order to rent a space:

We are friendly fans of crafts & arts, aspiring to share our love for creativity with others. We already have the ideas, the plan, and the work. All we need is a small space that we can call our own.

We work with our hands, driven wholly by our devotion to creative ideas. We have so far created shoes, handbags, boxes, purses, and beautiful floral displays. But our journey has just begun.

Interview at Guerilla

I have just had an interview at Guerilla today and it went pretty well.

I was so nervous prior the meeting, as it had been a very long time since I last found myself in that situation. Also, it had been a long time since I had to explain my way through my whole portfolio. I was pretty unsure of my book by the time I reached the agency.

I met with the Group Account Director and the Creative Director, who were both very nice and kind enough to stay behind after work hours to meet with me.

They both really enjoyed my book and was interested to have me over at their agency. Their feedback was so amazingly positive that I was taken aback a little and had my self-confidence restored as well.

At one point, the creative director even said my book was one of the best copywriter’s book he’d seen.

So overall, I am very happy with the way it went and now waiting for their confirmation of my placement, which will probably arrive sometimes next week. I really look forward to getting to do some creative work again. After leaving Newcastle College for Northumbria University, it seems as if that part of my life has vanished and I really miss it.

Shit my professor says

I had Visual in Advertising class today at Northumbria University. Today was the second class of the semester, and already, I can’t wait for the whole course to be over.

Here is a list of what one of the professors said today. None of them was edited.

“These are good ads, because they have shadows in the background.”

[Teaching politics] “I have never really thought of politics before.”

“It’s all nonesense but they thought bullet-shaped vehicles moved faster.”

“Actors and actresses were celebrities in the 1930s.” (…so what are they today?)

And she was half way through explaining an example to support her case when she realized, “Oh, well, that was probably not a good example…”

True story.

I miss Newcastle College.