Newcastle Brown Ale ads

When I first came to Newcastle to study, I was advised by one of my high school teachers who was from Britain to try out the famous Newcastle Brown Ale. He said it had been his life since he was sixteen.

After that I found out that the Newcastle Brown Ale was actually famous in other countries as well and not just England, and that I had been missing out all my life.

Today, I overheard a classmate and my tutor talking about the new Newcastle Brown Ale ads and they thought it was pretty funny. So I had to check them out.

The TV campaign goes with the tagline “The Lighter Side of Dark”. It’s done by an ad agency from San Diego, USA called Vitro. (This I found pretty strange, having an American agency advertise something from Newcastle, UK, where there are plenty of agencies to choose from.)

Here are the ads.

They also did some funny print ads as well, with the tagline “Smooth like no other”. Click on the images to see full size.


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