Land Rover – ‘Rare’

Y&R Dubai has just launched this beautiful, funny, and free-spirited campaign for Land Rover.

It portrays Land Rover’s target audience and consumers as having unconventional point of views, while promoting its well-known classic adventurous spirit.

As the images are a little too small, I have included the copy here for you:

For Ornithologists: Ecuadorian Hillstar (Oreotrochilus chimborazo)
This species belongs to the only group of birds that can fly backwards. All records of sightings are in the altitude range of 3,500 to 5,200 metres. Usually hides in tall grassland. The Andes: 00° 40′ S, 78° 26′ W.
For Land Rover owners:
Squeeze bird gently for a high-pitched whistle. Effective for sending Morse code signals.

For Miriapodologists: Luminous Millipede (Luminodesmus sequoiae)
This rare creature lives in mountain forests and is a specialized detritivore. Produces strong luminescence that travels from the cuticle, legs and antens. Emits bright green light throughout the body. Sierra Nevada: 36° 34′ N, 118° 17′ W.
For Land Rover owners:
Perfect for reading maps at night

For Herbologists: Snow Mountain Garlic (Allium sativum)
This rare herb only grows at 1,800 metres above sea level. Can survive temperatures as low as minus 10° centrigrade. Requires negligible levels of oxygen. The Himalayas: 35° 38′ N, 76° 18′ E.
For Land Rover owners: Applying juice on skin makes an effective mosquito repellant.

For Herpetologists: Coromandel Striped Gecko (Hoplodactylus stephensi)
This extremely rare gecko belongs to a family of over-engineered reptiles. Can hold hundreds of times its own body weight; about the equivalent of two human adults. Has an incredible ability to stick to surfaces. Coromandel Peninsula: 37° 0′ S, 175° 40′ E.
For Land Rover owners:
Tie rope around gecko. Toss gecko at cliff face. Proceed to climb.

To learn more about the agency responsible, click here.

To check out Land Rover, click here.


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