Personal statement in a CV

Today I took another look of my old CV draft and I decided to change certain elements.

The first thing I decided to tackle was the personal statement.

I have written many personal statements before: when I was applying for Newcastle College two years ago, last year when I wrote my first CV, earlier this year when I was rewriting my CV, and a couple of months ago when I was applying to UCAS.

Each time, I struggled, and each time, it got better.

Today, I had a really hard time writing this new personal statement. The one I wrote earlier this year, I thought, was too short and vague. It doesn’t really say much about me or my skills. Then I took a look at the statement I wrote for UCAS and that one was way too long to be used in a CV.

This is the current personal statement I’m using on my website. It’s a combination of the old statement and the one I wrote for UCAS.

I’m a creative advertising student in the North East of England, with skills in both art direction and copywriting.

Over the years, I have come to love everything about advertising: the energy, the call for creativity, the stress that leads to sleepless nights, and the joy of discovering just the right idea.

I am also captivated by the power of the media. Advertising is a part of our daily life. It is an art form that people live with. And since we cannot avoid it, I would like to help make it at least pleasant to live with.

My life-long plan is to gain experiences from working in the advertising industry from around the world.

I love traveling and am fascinated by different cultures. I’m a thespian and a dancer. Food is my passion. Observing people is my hobby. I like psychology, and I read literature and poetry just for fun.

When I first put it together, I thought it was pretty okay. But now I think it’s horrifying.

(To read the personal statement I wrote for UCAS application, click here.)

Now I’m having a very difficult time rewriting, so I did more research on how to write a personal statement.

And I stumbled upon this one website that I thought was really good. The information is very clear, precise, and easy to understand. So I wanted to share it with all of you. Click here to visit the site.


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