Dignitas – Swiss euthanasia clinic

I have just finished the latest campaign for Dignitas.

Dignitas is a euthanasia clinic from Switzerland, and they are planning to open a clinic in Manchester. The goal of the project is to create a launch campaign.

Since my portfolio was still missing a TV commercial, I decided to create one for this campaign.

I chose this brief because I thought the product was challenging and controversial. And that attracts me.

I began by reading endlessly about euthanasia, law, terminal illnesses, death, etc. It was a little depressing but I found out about a lot of interesting information.

Then I started writing down and brainstorming ideas.

This is what I got. (Click the image for full size.):

Then I decided that it was too obvious and too literal.

So I kept the line “Choose to right your own end” and changed the whole idea.

I feel much better and more comfortable with the second idea.

I also put more effort into making the storyboard for it. I drew the storyboard in pen, took pictures of the frames, and painted it in Photoshop. I don’t own a mouse or a design tablet, so I did everything with my fingers on my laptop mouse pad. It took a while but the results turned out to be okay.

To view my final campaign, please click here.


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