T-shirt design promoting Gaddafi

The other day we had an agency visit from The Leith, an ad agency in Edinburgh. The creative team that came were Ian Fletcher and Mike Maxwell.

The day before they visited, they gave us a list of “creative questions” for us to prepare answers to and to present to them during the visit.

The list consists of:

  • What’s in the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • How would you get more people into church on a Sunday morning?
  • What wedding gift would you give Kate and William on their big day?
  • Do a t-shirt that promotes Colonel Gaddafi
  • Write something lovely about a Broccoli

So as you all might have already guessed, I picked the t-shirt for Gaddafi one, as I found it quite challenging and controversial.

My answer is based on my belief that what Gaddafi needs/wants right now is to convince people in Tripoli that he is still loved in the whole of Libya so that they won’t rise up against him. Also, I applied the title that he often refers himself to as “The King of Kings”.

This task has made me realize something about myself when picking briefs/tasks to work on. I am always intrigued by things that are challenging and controversial.

For the module before this current one I’m working on, we had to pick a competition brief. And I picked the D&AD’s copy-based campaign for The Copy Book brief, which I found the most difficult out of all.

One of the briefs I’ve picked for my portfolio is for a euthanasia clinic from Switzerland that is opening in Manchester.

And then there’s this Gaddafi t-shirt thing. It would have been easy to design a t-shirt against Gaddafi, but this requires a little more.

I feel that the more difficult and stressful the brief/task is, the more excited and captivated I get.


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