Girl Effect: the clock is ticking

This is another ad that made it to TED’s list of ads worth spreading.

The campaign is from Nike Foundation, investing in the education and health of young girls. The agency responsible for this amazing ad is Wieden & Kennedy based in Portland, Oregon.

It really gives the sense of desperation, which drives the audience to feel like they have to start doing something. The music and graphics work really well together with the copy.

It does not feel like an ad but more like a short documentary. It is good in a way that it doesn’t drive people away by making them feel like they are being sold something to, but since it feels like a short documentary and lasts around 3 minutes, it might bore some people away.

I really hope everyone sits through this commercial, because it really effected me in a way that I wish I was older and had more money so I could help solve this problem.


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