Rebranding and redesigning Rappor coffee

I have just finally finished the Supermarket Sweep brief!

The whole idea of the brief is to go into any supermarket and pick out a product that you don’t like. Then rebrand, redesign, and repackage it. And I picked Kenco Rappor.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how and where to start, because this was actually my first attempt on graphic design. So I did some research on coffee, reading over every aspect of it. And then looked at the brands Kenco and Kenco Rappor.

Then I started brainstorming around “coffee” and got some ideas.

I started brainstorming about what kind of brand personality I wanted for the brand. That was when I decided I wanted to change the logo, brand color, and the packaging. I also had some ideas that I liked for the promotional side of the campaign.

The designing part was pretty difficult as well. I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for this project, and it really challenged the knowledge I’ve gained from the IT classes I’ve been attending. There were some obstacles, but I overcame them in the end.

After the first attempt, I wasn’t that happy with the overall design and so I asked for my friends and family’s suggestions, and got some good ideas.

To view the execution of the final campaign, click here.


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