Photo shoot for college

The other day, my creative partner Eugene and I were called in to college for a photo shoot for their next prospectus.

Last year, we experienced something similar but things didn’t work out. (They took our photographs with a mobile phone.)

However, they kept the interview from last year and decided to take new photos with a real photographer.

So we went in (a little late as usual) and they took all of us (Eugene, me, and a couple of other students from other courses) to the photography department of Mandella, the art building.

Eugene and I were the first to be taken pictures of, so the rest got free coffee from Starbucks, as we stepped into the bright light.

They made us try a lot of different poses and I found most of them kind of uncomfortable. Chin up, look up, look down, turn to the left, step to the right, etc.

Here’s a picture of us taken by my boyfriend who was acting like my agent that day. (He also asked the photographer to take a couple of head shots for our CV.)

After the photo shoot, we had to sign an agreement and we got to read what they did with what we said last year during the interview.

Everything sounded so professional and they didn’t really change much of what we said. Everything was still true, but it sounded like Newcastle College was probably the best place to be.

Then we got our free coffee from Starbucks, as we talked to one of the guys from the office who arranged everything for the photo shoot. We discussed about the college’s new website design and their policy with social media. He thanked us for the feedback and promised to try to talk to the right people to get something done.

Overall, it was pretty interesting.

I have been to a photo shoot before, but not as a model. I was on an internship in the PR department and had to overlook one photo shoot for a poster campaign. To read more about my experience there, click here. But this time was a little different, as I was in front of the lens myself.

Eugene described the feeling as “being a tool”. But the people who were there to take care of everything were really professional and nice, so I didn’t think it was so bad. It was actually a pretty fun day.


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