Typefaces, periodic table and CVs

I think I have blogged about typography and typefaces a couple of times already, but the topic just keeps coming up.

I have just found the periodic table for typefaces, which I think is kind of cool so I wanted to share with you guys. Click on the image to see full size.

To read more about this periodic table, click here.

And here is an old BBC article on typefaces, where the director James Cameron is bashed about the font he decided to use for his epic movie, Avatar. It also discusses the effects and influences typefaces have on a logo or a brand. There is also a small section devoted to dissecting four different typefaces and different opinions on different use of typefaces in the media.

I also found a list of fonts that are best for CV.

  • Times New Roman: very safe, best for law firms, shouldn’t be smaller than 11 pt, not that readable on screen
  • Georgie: a less boring version of Times New Roman
  • Arial or Helvetica: very widely used, very easy to read on and off screen, can be as small as 10 pt
  • Verdana: might be a little more fun than Arial/Helvetica

The font size is important as well.

Most people use 11-12 pt, which is easy to read both on and off screen. However, there is a research that suggests that CVs with smaller fonts are perceived as more intellectual. Headings are usually 14 pt.

To read more about writing a creative CV, click here. Or check out how to write a covering letter, and personal branding.

To read more about typography, click here, here, and here.


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