A little on Nike – logo, tagline and advertising

I can still remember my first ever pair of sneakers that started my obsession that I still have today. And it was a Nike. That is probably why Nike has become one of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes. Of course, my taste has changed over the years but I still find myself often enough drooling over a nice colorful well-designed pair of Nike.

Nike is also one of the brands in the world never failing to offer the best advertising and branding. May it be their logo, the Nike Swoosh, or their legendary tagline “Just Do It”. The brand name is always mentioned in advertising and design classes around the world.

The Nike Swoosh was designed in 1971 by an advertising student named Caroline Davidson. She was a student at Portland State University and one day met Phil Knight while he was teaching accounting classes.

She started doing freelance work for Phil Knight, as he asked her to design a logo that can be placed on a shoe.

The design of the Nike Swoosh represents the wing of the Greek goddess Nike, a goddess of victory. She sat beside Zeus in Olympus and presided over history’s earliest battlefields.

The design of the logo originally costed Phil Knight $35 or £22.

The first pair of shoes launched with the logo on was introduced in Spring of 1972.

Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” originated from a spree-killer Gary Gilmore, who said “Let’s do it” to the firing squad before he was executed in Utah in 1977. Dan Wieden (the Wieden in Wieden & Kennedy) was the one who spotted the line and said that he liked the “do it” part.

He said, “None of us really paid that much attention. We thought, ‘Yeah. That’d work.’ ”  But the effect of the line was much bigger than that, as he explained, “People started reading things into it much more than sport.”

A lot of people claim that they have very personal experiences with the famous tagline. For example, a man, interviewed for the documentary Art & Copy, remembers that the line “Just do it” was what encouraged him to ask the girl of his dream out on a date.

The tagline has given birth to many of Nike’s great advertising campaigns.

Both the Nike Swoosh and the tagline “Just do it” are  still being used today. Nike continues to create beautiful and inspiring advertising campaigns.

Here are some examples of Nike’s beautiful visual-based print ads. Click on the images to have a better look.

And here are some examples of Nike’s inspirational and motivational copy-based print ads. Click on the images to have a better look.



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