Today in class, we had a talk session on branding. Even though we’d already talked about branding last year, it was still nice to refresh our mind on the subject and plus, the material was different so we all did learn something new.

Basically, brand identity relies mainly on three elements:

  1. Typeface
  2. Graphic / Icon
  3. Color

Different usage of these elements creates different impact on the brand’s image and personality, which in turn affects brand-consumer relationship. This is due to the consideration of all those who are involved with branding, including designer, agency and client (company).

We also looked at the list of top 10 UK brands of 2010.

  1. Microsoft
  2. Rolex
  3. Google
  4. British Airways
  5. BBC
  6. Mercedes Benz
  7. Coca-Cola
  8. Lego
  9. Apple
  10. The Encyclopædia Britannica

Certain parts of this list was surprising to see. For example, we really do wonder why Rolex came second, before Google, Coca-Cola, and Apple.

All of the three elements: typeface, graphic/icon, and color, play an immensely important role in branding and therefore, before making any decision, we should consider every reason and every risk involved.

For example, when choosing color, we shouldn’t just choose a color simply because it looks nice, but also because the color best represents what the brand stands for. Choosing color is different from choosing typeface or icon. For things like typefaces, the impact on each person varies, while with colors, the responses are usually the same.

Here is a list of different articles on the meaning of color in branding, notice how most attributes mentioned in the articles are pretty similar:…williams/article175428.html

This talk session really made me think about my own website and logo.

I have always felt that the design of my website and logo was pretty boring. I was never really satisfied with it.

So today I came home and decided to rebrand myself.

Firstly, I picked a new color. Before, I used this orange, but now I’ve changed it to red. This, I believe, makes “me” seem more exciting and passionate about what I do.

Then I redesigned my logo from:


I think this new logo makes “me” seem more fun and modern, attributes that go well with my new color.

Once I’ve applied this new logo to my website, the whole mood of it changed. It doesn’t look plain, dull, and boring anymore. The logo jumps out and grabs attention. I think it doesn’t only affect my “brand personality”, but also my audience’s feelings towards my website as well. I feel the new color choice and logo will make them be more enthusiastic about looking through my website and checking out my work

Now that I have a new exciting logo, I decided to redesign the whole website. And here is how it looks now:

You can click on the image, or here to visit my newly-branded website!

And now I have just finished rebranding my blog as well. I picked out a new theme, which looks more modern, and designed a header (I’d never had one before).



  1. Gareth · February 17, 2011

    It certainly seems to have more impact, and is more eye catching. However your original seems more personal. I suppose it always depends on how you want to be branded.

    • oeilsj · February 17, 2011

      Thanks for the feedback, Gareth!

      Can you explain what you meant about the original logo/website seeming more personal? Does the new design distance me from the audience?

  2. Jetana Jumratsilpa · February 18, 2011

    This is really good.
    I love it!

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