“We’re not just connected…we’re hyper-connected”

Here is an interesting article from BBC News on media technology and its effects on the world we live in:


It states that: “For every desktop computer, there are 10 mobile devices. Around the world, mobile phones outnumber toothbrushes two-to-one.” And even though I am well aware of the massive amount of technology we live with in everyday life, I am still surprised by the figures.

It also suggests that technology changes the way we do business completely. Consumers can get any product they want, whenever they want, by just going online. It has also made it difficult for companies to control their brand, as any of their employees can have a say about the company on any type of social media. However, it aids companies to connect directly with their customers, making them feel personal with the brand.

The digital world does not only change the way we do business, as many claim that the information overflow, the “abundant distractions of the internet” can change our cognitive abilities.

So I will leave you with a task (that I just succeeded at!): donothingfor2minutes.com. Enjoy.


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