Recreating typography with Adobe Illustrator

Today we just had IT class on how to recreate typography in Illustrator.

The tutor gave us an original image, which is The Economist print typography-based ad:

Firstly, I opened this image in Illustrator and lock the layer after naming it “original image”.

Then I created a new layer for the black background, where I used the Rectangle Tool. For now, I hide this layer so I can still see the original image.

The first thing I do is the simplest part of this ad: recreate the logo. I use the Rectangle Tool for the red box and use the Eyedropper Tool to get the exact red color. Then I tried to find a font that’s the closest to the original font.

Then I tackled the boy. I use Pen Tool to outline the boy according to the original image. The tutor told us that the less stroke we make the better it looks. For the black hole between his arm and body, I simply drew the hole with Pen Tool in the same layer as the whole body of the boy, then use Pathfinder to Subtract one from the other. After the boy, I drew the spider with the same Pen Tool.

For the typography, there are two ways to go about with it. The first way is to find a font that looks similar to the original font. Then adjust it afterwards. To do that, after you have picked the font, you turn the type into a vector by selecting the type, then go to Type > Create Outlines. Then you use the white arrow to make small adjustments. The second way is to simply draw the whole thing using Pen Tool. I personally preferred the latter as it was faster and easier for me. For the recurring letters, simply copy and paste.

And here’s the result:

And as this was made in Adobe Illustrator, it can be blown up as large as you like!


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