Poster Advertising

As I was cracking on with my poster campaign for the D&AD Student Awards brief, my tutor gave me a handout intending to help me on the general topic of poster advertising.

I found it quite useful so I’m going to post it here so others can benefit from it as well.

Advantages of poster advertising

  1. Posters can be produced in various sizes and shapes, which offers the creative team a greater variety of creative opportunities.
  2. Posters can be three-dimensional, which also opens up new creative possibilities.
  3. The audience passing the site may read the message again and again on a daily basis.
  4. Sites can be bought close to the point of purchase.
  5. Posters are an effective way of building awareness of the brand over time.

Disadvantages of poster advertising

  1. Some sites can be vandalized or posters sprayed with graffiti.
  2. Posting can be unreliable (e.g. time-sensitive posters may not be posted in time).
  3. Site rental can be expensive.
  4. It’s difficult to reach a national audience through posters, especially when compared with other media such as national press and consumer magazines.
  5. Prime locations can be tied up in long-term contracts, giving you limited availability.

Creating a more effective poster

  1. Your poster must be memorable and convey the message effectively.
  2. It must be visible above the street clutter.
  3. Remember the passer-by only has a few seconds to register the message before switching off, so your poster needs to stand out from its surroundings – it needs to be eye-catching.
  4. Keep the visual simple – the iPod poster imagery is a classic example. Consider using a single image.
  5. Don’t write a headline with more than seven or eight words.
  6. Make the type as legible as possible.
  7. Cut out clutter in your layout. If you manage with just a headline, great.
  8. Make the branding strong. This applies to all media; the advertisement should evoke the brand – which doesn’t just mean a big logo.



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