How Apple changed the marketing world

I stumbled on an interesting article today: What Samsung (and Others) Learned from Apple that will Change Our Future.

It discusses Apple’s intuitive marketing move that persuaded millions, after the iPods were first launched in 2001, into buying a Mac as their primary home computer. The iPods did not only help Apple sell computers but also other gadgets and accessories.

This is only one example of their success stories.

Apple has a very distinct brand personality that helps the company gain consumers’ trust and seem “cool” at the same time. They sets trends, but at the same time take great care of their customers. They are always among the first companies to take a risky marketing move, like launching the iPads. They create necessities.

While some debate on whether Apple’s products are actually better than other brands, I simply cannot help but to admire how they have settled themselves in today’s market and society.

Nowadays, other brands are synchronizing their products together (a camera with a smartphone, for example) and launching App stores.

The author of the article believes that this is going to change the way other industries work as well.


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