Six ads that changed the way we think

I was reading this article on on the six advertising campaigns that changed the way we think forever:

Did you know that diamond rings were never a symbol for an engagement until 1948 and one advertising campaign was responsible for that?

It also features an advertising campaign that changed the face of the advertising industry; it changed the way we do ads and the way we approach our audience.

I am guessing we all know about “the man your man could smell like”, but maybe you didn’t know that in the 50’s there was another man that all men were aspiring to become.

And an advertising campaign that made the whole nation get up and exercise. The campaign with such a powerful motto that sticks on people’s minds decades later.

There is also an advertising campaign that was first launched in 1981 and still works today.

This article will not only show you how the advertising industry has evolved but will also remind you about the power advertising industry has on the society – the way people think, what they think about, and the way they make decisions. Certain effects from advertising can last for decades, so long that we all have forgotten where they came from. When most of the power in one society is in the hands of so few people, I believe they should have the sense of responsibility to not abuse it.


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