Christmas in the consumerism age

I just came back home from a Christmas vacation on Norway.

Apparently, Christmas is very big there, as Norway is a Christian country even though they are also one of the most atheist countries in the world. Basically, they are culturally Christian.

I had a walk around the supermarket there and I noticed how most of the products had their Christmas version.

For example, all the Norwegian beer brands had their own Christmas blend that is different every year. Supermarkets also offer different kinds of Christmas ham, as Norwegians eat a lot of bread (for both breakfast and lunch).

So did the milk and juices.

They even had different brands of “Jule Brus” or “Christmas drinks”.

I, coming from a non-Christian country, was so excited to see the celebration of Christmas taken so far. I would assume that Christmas was celebrated within households, but I probably forgot what our society has evolved into so far and how consumerism is such a huge and important part of it.

Casting the marketing strategies aside, I really enjoyed the lively Christmas spirit.



  1. Chris W. · January 5, 2011

    it’ll be wrong if we have Visaka Bucha special brews and stuff

    • oeilsj · January 5, 2011

      That’s funny. I totally agree.

  2. Cato W Gustavson · January 5, 2011

    If you see closely, all of the Christmas decorated packages and labels are of secular origin. Even the word Jul, or Jol is an old Norse/Viking pagan word for the winter solstice. You won’t find Jesus or the christian cross on any product labels, only the Norwegian “Nisse” aka. “gnome/elf” a forest creature from folk lore and the christmas tree, a germanic secular symbol/tradition dating back to pre-christian Europe.

    Norwegians take “Jul” seriously, Christmas on the other hand…not so much.

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