John Lewis Christmas ads 2007-2010

I guess one of the things to look forward to during Christmas is Christmas stuff on TV, movies and commercials. And one of the brands that have always done great Christmas ads is John Lewis.

John Lewis has an outstanding range of products (over 350,000 products in 2007) that they are proud of and want to use it to inspire their customers to shop for the perfect Christmas present.

However, as years go by, one might start to wonder whether it is worth looking forward to anymore, whether the quality of the ads has gone down.

It all started in 2007 when John Lewis launched a Christmas TV advert handled by the agency Lowe London called “Shadow”. The soundtrack is “Morning Serenade”, the theme from Prokoviev’s ballet “Romeo and Juliet”. Nothing in this ad is digitally manipulated. This ad really possesses the “magic” Christmas has.

Then in 2008, they launched another wonderful ad, which is my favorite from this series. The idea is perfect for Christmas and the tagline is right-on. There is a tiny hint of humor but it also touches you like the other ads. The soundtrack is a cover of The Beatles’ “From Me to You”.

In the 2009 version, there is an obvious change in style, which results from the agency Adam & Even winning the John Lewis account from Lowe London. The soundtrack is a cover of “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Taken by Trees. The ad is beautiful and touching. The idea of reminding people of how Christmas used to feel when they were young is simply amazing and gives a sense of nostalgia.

And here’s their latest Christmas ad in 2010. The soundtrack is a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” by Ellie Goulding. There are a lot of criticisms out there for this ad. Some people feel that the ad ruins the magic of Christmas by revealing that Santa doesn’t really exist. A lot have called in to complain about animal cruelty (even though the animals were treated nicely during the production). On TV, they have cut out the part with the dog, which I think is a shame because it makes the ad for me. They are now targeting people from lower economic class than before, which I personally feel makes no sense since John Lewis is known as a high-class brand whose products are more expensive than other stores. The ad is still touching to a certain degree but it doesn’t make me feel the same way the previous ones did anymore.


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