RSS, Facebook and LinkedIn icons

Here are the icons I just made for my boyfriend’s new blog:

He had very specific needs about what he wanted. He already had an icon for Twitter that says “follow me” so he wanted the whole collection to be on the same theme.

So I Googled up an image for RSS icon:

I opened that file in Adobe Illustrator and redrew the image and picked the color. Then I chose a new font for the icon to match with the existing Twitter icon. (Note: always do texts in Illustrator and not Photoshop, as the quality of texts done in Illustrator is much better than in Photoshop.)

After that, I opened that file in Photoshop to edit the gradient and embossment.

I really wasn’t sure of how I was supposed to edit it correctly but with my restricted knowledge of both programs, this is how I cheated.

Then I did the same for Facebook and LinkedIn.


One comment

  1. Cato W Gustavson · November 22, 2010

    Thank you so much for doing this for me, i found a great use for it. I googled everywhere but I didn’t find a good one that had “feed me” on it. Thank you!

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