“Popcorn” – St John Ambulance


The impact of this ad is totally amazing, especially the moment when the kid is dying in her mother’s arms and the whole scene becomes desaturated and slow. The use of media is great; it supports the ad and gets the audience involved with the ad.

However, I’ve heard of another ad that’s very similar to this. It’s for one travel agent I don’t remember the name of. It begins like a very normal and boring traveling advert, where a couple is walking together ready for a trip abroad. Suddenly, a woman in the crowd in the theater jumps up from her seat and screams at the screen, accusing the man for cheating on her. The man in the screen looks directly at the audience, the fourth wall broken, and tries to calm the woman down and apologizes. The woman just storms out of the theater. The tagline is somewhere along the line of “Surprise your spouse.” It got a standing¬†ovation.

I think the use of media supports the idea of that advert much better than in the “Popcorn” one, which could have done it without this media use.


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