Skoda – Made of meaner stuff

In this ad, Skoda mocks its own ad “Made of lovely stuff”.

Watching this, I guess the brief was to convey that this Skoda is tougher and has higher performance than other models.

I like the metal version of Julie Andrews’ “My Favourite Thing” that’s being used as the background music. I think it’s pretty subtle in its own way. It’s not overly distracting us from what’s going on on the screen.

However, despite how cool this ad is, I think it still drags on for a little too long, compared to the pace of the other one. Also, the first time I saw the “Made of lovely stuff” ad, I was told that at Fallon (the agency responsible for both adverts) they do everything for real. Meaning they made the whole cake car, for real. I think that in this new advert, it’s missing that component as well.

Overall, it is interesting, surely captures attention and gives you a good laugh.


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