Design Event 2010

Yesterday, my sister, my creative partner, my boyfriend and I went on a Design Event trip in Newcastle. It was one of the most eventful, beneficial and fun days I have had in such a long time.

After lunch, we went to Newcastle Art Centre. First, we walked through the “Exquisite Corpse”. I really liked many of the works there. The works were separated into different labeled sections. One that I can recall right away is called “It’s poison whatever you call it” (or something along that line) and two of the pieces under that category is of McDonalds.

They also offered an activity for visitors to participate in. I don’t remember the name of the game but I think most of us have played it when we were kids.

Then we went upstairs for “Time and Place, Hither and Thither, War and Peace”. Personally, I felt that this one is darker and more wicked than the “Exquisite Corpse”. I spent more time looking at each of the work, and more thoughts went through my head, instead of just a chuckle.

They had an activity for visitors up here as well. We were encouraged to draw something on the provided paper plates in response to the artworks. This is me with my masterpiece.

Then we left the Newcastle Art Centre.

Then we found out that next door also had an exhibition so we went inside. I’m not sure what the name of the exhibition was. We walked around but I wasn’t quite impressed with this one. Most of the work was very basic pencil work of still life peppered with some tiny idea. I think the arrangement was more impressive than the artwork itself.

After that, we moved on to the Electrik Sheep for “Droodlings an exhibition by Craww”. The store Electrik Sheep itself was really cool. They didn’t just simply offer clothes, they had a bicycle, an eagle and design books as decoration as well. I had some time to sneak through a book of a collection of lomo photographs and wished I was rich enough to collect books like that. The exhibition was nice. It had style and was very emotive.

This was right outside Electrik Sheep. I’m pretty sure it’s a part of the exhibition.

Then we stopped for an early dinner at an American café called Stateside, where my creative partner was, at one point, served raw meat for his medium steak. (I’m not going into the details here because it’ll take up too much space.)

Here’s my creative partner with his bloody hand from the raw meat.

After the dinner, we walked across the city to Northern Stage for “Northernness: Set of Drawers”. The place looks very cool and it gives out a certain mood that I can’t pinpoint but it feels very homey. The work is based on the theme “Northernness” and all the artists have a special relationship with the North. I can really relate to some of the work, since I’ve been living in Newcastle for a year now. Moreover, my boyfriend is Norwegian and one of the artists included Scandinavia into her definition of “Northernness”. I noticed that the various frames the artists used really worked with and supported the artworks. (One was simple paper clips.) I also liked how the name of the Northern Stage ties in with the theme of the exhibition. However, there was this one artist that I didn’t personally like. Her work was mainly collage and I just felt that any kid could do that, and the idea wasn’t that original either.

This one made me laugh out loud.

Overall, it was a very interesting and fun day. The exhibitions we visited this time were much better than those we visited two weeks ago. I was so disappointed in those places that I didn’t even blog about them. I mean, one was a small white room with two wooden poles in two opposite corners. And they talked about it like it was supposed to mean so much.

I think this is an issue in Arts nowadays. Anything can be called abstract art. I’m just not impressed. They can call me unartistic or whatever, I call them frauds.


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