Orange + T-Mobile

When I first went through this series of adverts, I was thinking to myself it doesn’t take Fallon and Saatchi & Saatchi to come up with this. However, the last advert of the series made me laugh out loud.

The reference to the two brands’ signature color is pretty smart.

Then I went back to think about the first two adverts and realized how even though the copy is really simple, the art direction is perfect. By just looking at the adverts, you can tell what brand they are advertising.

I once read that a good advert is an advert that when people look at it from a distance, they can tell right away what brand it’s advertising.

And it was exactly what these adverts do.

However, one concern is that people might not ‘get’ the third advert of this series if they haven’t seen either of the first two before. The line that explains what it’s trying to say is really small and people might not have time to read while just driving pass the billboard.


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