SCG research trip for advertising campaign

One time, my three supervisors and I had to go on a trip to another province to do research for our new TV commercial.

SCG is very big when it comes to CSR. They have over a hundred programs set up to help both their employees and the community around their offices/factories.

The research we did was on one of those programs.

So we took a trip outside Bangkok and met up with the leader of this small community who happened to work for SCG.

A few years back, he proposed a plan to SCG to eliminate certain problems in his community. SCG decided to fund this plan and a few months later they saw improvement. The year after that, they proposed a new plan to continue on from the progress they were making with the original plan, which SCG agreed to fund. And a year after that came another plan which was also funded.

The guy walked us around his community and showed us what he’d done and how the whole community had improved over the years.

We took so many pictures that I can’t upload all of them up here. Most of them were of technical stuff anyway.

Here are some examples:

This is where trash from the whole community gets compressed and transformed into energy used in household cooking.

This place used to be where all the trash went and the water used to be even more polluted than this. Now it’s a playground for children and a gym for adults.

Here’s where we spotted a loch ness monster.



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