SCG Corporate Identity Manual

This is my masterpiece.

The PR department had been working on it for years and years, collecting information, correcting mistakes, designing the layout. It was never done.

My supervisor saw that I had some knowledge with Photoshop and thought Illustrator would be similar, so he handed me the task after a month of getting to know me.

The thing is I had never touched the program Illustrator before. So what I did was improvising and Googling.

I was arranging and rearranging the texts and images. Proofreading the 125 pages for over 50 times. Adding and removing certain information and images. Photoshop-ing adverts that originally had some mistakes that needed to be corrected, to be used in the CI as an example. Et cetera, et cetera.

I finished the manual on my last day on the internship, where I burned it on a CD and sent over to the printing studio.

They promised to keep me a copy or two for the next time I visit them.



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