PR events at SCG

During the 3-month internship, I had the opportunity to take part in some of their events.

This is the first event I went to. It was a press conference to talk about SCG sponsoring a robotic competition that sent two teams of Thai students to compete internationally, where they won world championship five years in a row. I was at the reception desk, welcoming and signing up guests and reporters.

Here is me at SCG’s event at Baan Fuangfa, home for mentally and physically disabled children, where SCG donated over a million baht to 5-6 different care homes/facilities around Thailand. I arrived there early with our PR team to set up the place and meet with staff and kids at Baan Fuangfa. After having them walk us around the place to get to know how they work and what they do, the children performed singing and dancing shows for us to thank us for our help. The event ended with SCG’s donation. The event featured a Thai superstar and the latest Miss Thailand Universe.

Another event that I was a part in was a press conference for SCG’s 96th Anniversary. I did everything from creating lists of guests and reporters, set up the conference rooms, preparing gift sets for all the guests, welcoming the guests at the reception desk, escorting guest speakers up the stage, handing them gifts at the end of the event, writing and handing out surveys, etc. Afterwards, I listened to the taped conversations from the conference and took extensive notes of everything that was said during the debate.


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