Photo shoot at SCG

Today I was going through some of my old photo albums and I stumbled upon this one album called “Internship at SCG”, then I realized that I haven’t blogged much on the events and stuff that I went through during that internship.

So I’m going to upload these pictures up here and talk a little about those experiences.

One day, my supervisors and I went to a photo shoot for SCG’s new print ads that were going to come out with their new TV commercial:

Here’s the entrance of the studio:

Here’s our lovely photographer and one of the models:

These are the computers they used. I took a peek and saw that the program they used was called “Capture One”. They took around 20 photos per model at a time then the creative team, the creative director and the photographer looked at those photos and decided if they worked or not, and which model belonged where in the ads.:

During the lunch break, I went around the studio taking pictures of the equipments:

It was a fun experience.

I also got to talk with the creative team (from TBWA/Thailand) and ask them about how they got into the industry and what they did in college and what they felt about their job. They were really friendly and nice.


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