Heinz – Whistle

I am a little disappointed about this new Heinz advert.

I see they’re trying to use the sound people make when blowing their soup to cool it down, which I guess came from some kind of research, to make people to be able to relate to it.

However, if you compare it to their previous one with the invisible bottle, this one’s selling point is nowhere near good.

With the invisible bottle, they use Heinz’s unique quality and style, of which everyone knows. They see 2-3 seconds of the ad and they know it’s an advert for Heinz.

With this new whistle advert, they are not saying anything about Heinz. I mean, Heinz is not what makes those people whistle. If they whistle when blowing Heinz soup, they probably whistle when blowing any other kind of soup.

So I don’t really see the point they are trying to make with this advert.


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