Last year, I wrote my first CV when I had to apply for a job at a Japanese restaurant.

I had no idea how to write one so I did what I always do, I Googled. I don’t think it turned out that good so I’m not going to include it here. I even designed my own logo, which is nothing spectacular so I’m not going to include it here either.

However, I got the job, but I guess it was because of my personal charm and not the layout of the CV, as a Japanese restaurant probably doesn’t require its waitress to be a skilled designer.

Today, during our first PPD session at college, we talked about writing a creative CV.

We also looked at a number of CVs. (One reminded me of mine from last year, but my logo was a little more interesting.) Some were good and some were… not so good.

My favorite one is the timeline one. This guy (is probably 50 something) makes a timeline of his life that includes his professional life and certain aspect of his personal life. It has good humor but it also seems like a nice way of showing off without sounding like you are. Reading through the CV makes me feel like I’m reading a novel. It makes me feel; I felt impressed and touched by the story of his life.

There is another one that’s also pretty nice as well. It looks more like a design-y magazine than a CV. The layout is really nice and the quality of the photography is great. But I got bored after three pages. There was too much text, and too many pictures. Too much of everything. I kind of gave up half way through.

There are also some boring ones. Some use the wrong fonts. Some are not trying to sell themselves at all. Some uses a very generic description like: “I’m confident, hardworking and enthusiastic.”

One problem I see in most of the CVs is that when they show some of their work/campaign, they don’t provide any description to help the reader understand what the work/campaigns are all about.

I think the session today was very useful. I’ll have to go back and edit my website soon.

I’m looking forward to another session where we get to start writing our own CV.


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