Guinness – “Bring it to life”

I personally like their old strap line “Good things come to those who wait”. The line was perfect for the product and conveyed the unique quality of Guinness. Endless adverts could be built on and on from that one line. I personally don’t believe it was the end of its era. According to Ogilvy, most of the good ideas out there are discontinued before its time. I think this is the case.

The advert itself is grand and beautiful. The music and lighting aid the advert and its art direction as a whole. The advert features different contrasting scenes from nature that look absolutely stunning. The act of human altering nature is unusual and definitely captures attention. However, this makes the advert more like a piece of art than a communication tool.

The advert does not say much about the product, its features or benefits. The only thing it probably does apart from increasing brand awareness is to give Guinness an egoistic and ambitious brand image.

I personally see no relevance whatsoever between human beings attempting and succeeding to altering nature and creating art out of it, and Guinness. Are they saying that the way Guinness is brewed is like what these men are achieving in this TV spot? If they are, I think it is way overreaching and self-glorifying.

The advert is one and a half minute long, with no hint or clue of what it might be about until the very last second. Despite the beauty if its art direction, I’m afraid people might lose interest before they actually find out what it is trying to advertise.



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