Jif Lemon finalized

This morning we finally presented our final campaign for Jif Lemon.

The proposition was to sell Jif lemons throughout the year and not just on Pancake Day.

We (me and my partner, Jake) came up with an idea for print ads, which can be extended to TV commercials, website, ambient, and iPhone application.

Here is our campaign:

Some brands like Coca Cola and Corona might even want to “piggy back” our ads.

This idea can be extended into TV commercials as well, where we have, say, some typical varnish ad running smoothly and looking very boring, then interrupt it with the “JIF IT” stamp.

For ambient, we will go around the city stamping “JIF IT” on things we find that are “Jiffable”, including other people’s ads and ambient ads.

On our website, there will be an activity for people to go around “Jiffing” things they feel are “Jiffable” and upload pictures on our webpage. The best ones will win some kind of prize.

We will also create an iPhone application, where there are flying objects of random items then you will have to tap on the ones that are “Jiffable”.

The presentation went pretty smoothly. The class enjoyed our idea and we received some nice compliments. One classmate positively commented on our use of media. Another liked the idea for the print ads and how we executed it. Our tutor said she personally wanted the “Jif It” stamp and would like to go around jiffing everything. She also said she liked the idea for our iPhone application, which she would definitely download and play.

We came up with some other idea and decided to go on with it until it got shot down by our tutor, which drove us to come up with more and better ideas. Despite how stressed we were at the time, I’m really glad it happened. I’m pretty content with the outcomes of this module.


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