New Gap logo – seriously?

Yes, for those who haven’t heard/seen, this really is the new Gap logo.

I’m no expert when it comes to logo design, I know there are a lot of better people than me. But I think I know enough to say how bad this is.

They say they wanted to target a younger and hipper crowd. Well, personally, I would have no idea that it’s the Gap if I see a shop with this logo on its door. I’d probably assume it’s some new unknown brand that has no sense of art/fashion/design.

There are negative reviews all over the internet. Take this as an example:

Update: As it turns out, this whole crappy logo thing is just Gap’s PR move to get the media to talk about it and now it’s asking people to design their new logo for them. It’s a bold move from their PR team. And it’s still receiving angry comments from consumers worldwide (one even saying that it’s disrespecting designers and what they do). Personally, it kind of made me sigh in relief and lose interest in the whole thing.



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  3. Ron · October 8, 2010

    The Helvetica-izing of everything has gotta stop. New Gap logo looks like it’s for a third-tier consulting firm or something…. Gap’s new logo is a symptom, not a diagnosis; the brand needs to seriously up its quality quotient to remain competitive

    • oeilsj · October 14, 2010

      I totally agree with your comment. Have you seen the website where you can create your own Gap/Crap logo? However, I’m still wondering whether it was just a PR move to get people to talk about it then submit their own design in to promote the brand and their rebranding decision.

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