Jif Lemon brief

Monday was the first day of our second year and we already got a new brief.

Jif Lemon.

The proposition is basically to sell Jif Lemon throughout the whole year and not just on Pancake Day.

The first time I’ve ever heard about Jif Lemon was a year ago in class, listening to (then) second year students talking about their ideas on this brief. According to Wikipedia, Jif Lemon is sold only in England and Ireland. It’s a little tough to learn about the product and the Brits’ relationship with it. I’ve been talking to classmates about their cooking habits and their relationships with Jif Lemon. I wish I had more British friends who are not just classmates (because then their judgment wouldn’t be affected by the knowledge gained from class).

I’ve been talking and brainstorming with my partner and flatmates, and I’ve come across a few interesting ideas.

I’ll get cracking with the research for now, then the serious brainstorming sessions follow.

The following is the only advert I can find of Jif Lemon. It’s short, funny and pretty smart, which makes it memorable. It’s a good thing because it sells but it’s also a bad thing because now people only relate Jif to Pancake Day. Hence, our brief.


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