Steve Jobs teaches

Here’s the link to the article where Steve Jobs teaches about pitching for new business:

To me, Steve Jobs is one of the most admirable person, not because he has done something meaningful and good for mankind like Mother Teresa, but because of his skills in doing business. I’m an Apple fan. Have always been. And the easiest explanation, despite all other product features, is because the products look good. I mean, most guys will want people to see them walking with a gorgeous girl. The same goes to me. I’d rather people see me using a MacBook Pro than a Vaio.

This article offers you 10 key points that might help pitch for new businesses.

Ryanair advert

The other day I bought The Guardian from Tesco. The main headline was about the Pope’s visit in the UK.

The article was great; very analytical. As the article ended, I flipped over to the next page to find an advert from Ryanair.

It says: “The cost of the Pope’s travels and organising his events will be £15million” –

Then there’s a huge picture of the Pope with his arms wide open to the world and a big smile on his face. There’s also a speech bubble saying “SHUDDA FLOWN RYANAIR!!”

Then the advert suggests: “Save taxpayers money. From £5 one way. Travel in October. Ryanair.”

I had to laugh out loud to the humor. But also was speechless at the boldness and edginess of the idea.

Personally, I think this is one of the best adverts I’ve seen in a while. It stopped me for a minute and all I had to do was to read over and over and laugh. I’m still talking about it to people I meet. I mean, who can disagree?

I Googled the advert and found out it was only published on The Guardian. The target audience of the advert is probably educated people who are up-to-date with news and politics (who are mostly atheist), which from what I’ve heard is the reader of The Guardian.

Update: Here’s the advert

McDonald’s adult playground

This campaign was done by DDB Sydney.

I think it’s a great and interesting way to engage consumers with the brand. Because I think adults are a big chunk in McDonald’s target market. The idea of letting consumers experience and connect to their strategy “I’m lovin’ it” is a nice idea. Seeing this video makes me want to go play as well.

However, I’m not sure how many of those adults in the video were paid to be there.

Jif Lemon brief

Monday was the first day of our second year and we already got a new brief.

Jif Lemon.

The proposition is basically to sell Jif Lemon throughout the whole year and not just on Pancake Day.

The first time I’ve ever heard about Jif Lemon was a year ago in class, listening to (then) second year students talking about their ideas on this brief. According to Wikipedia, Jif Lemon is sold only in England and Ireland. It’s a little tough to learn about the product and the Brits’ relationship with it. I’ve been talking to classmates about their cooking habits and their relationships with Jif Lemon. I wish I had more British friends who are not just classmates (because then their judgment wouldn’t be affected by the knowledge gained from class).

I’ve been talking and brainstorming with my partner and flatmates, and I’ve come across a few interesting ideas.

I’ll get cracking with the research for now, then the serious brainstorming sessions follow.

The following is the only advert I can find of Jif Lemon. It’s short, funny and pretty smart, which makes it memorable. It’s a good thing because it sells but it’s also a bad thing because now people only relate Jif to Pancake Day. Hence, our brief.

Northumbria meeting

I just arranged myself a meeting with a guy from Northumbria University.

After the 2-year FdA Creative Advertising course at Newcastle College, I’m planning to move on to another university to top up my degree. I obtained this guy’s contact information from their office in Thailand and emailed him to ask a couple of questions. He replied right away and we arranged a meeting to discuss about the course.

Tomorrow at 10 AM.

One of the most important things to do is to Google Map where exactly the university is.

Wish me luck!