Awesome programs I’ve just learned

And I’m still on my internship at SCG.

Here, I’ve been assigned to this one major project: to edit the Corporate Identity Manual.

This manual has been worked on for over 4 years now; it’s been passed on from one person to another, to another, to another, and now to me.

Before, we hired this company to edit it for us. Then once they were done, they sent us the files, then we proofread, then got back to them on the mistakes that they missed. So all I did in the beginning was to proofread. But it seemed like they missed a lot of mistakes. Then the contract with them ran out.

So now it’s in my (tiny and unworthy) hands.

The files they gave us are in PDF format and can only be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Meaning: I have to start learning how to use the program.

So I self-taught. Which wasn’t such a good idea, as this manual is a “real” job (meaning it’s not just a college project). But it was the only choice I had, since the company internet doesn’t allow access to (where I could have found a tutorial).

So yes, I self-taught and now I’m a pro at editing this manual. (I still haven’t tried creating something yet. Apart from texts and tables, and maybe some extra lines for the existing images.)

I also had to use creativity to solve problems regarding this manual as well: combining the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator together to edit some print ads to put in this one section, for example. I know it now sounds more trivial than it was (or felt) at the time. (I’m pretty good at Photoshop already so that came in handy.)

I also had to translate certain texts they wanted to add to the manual from Thai to English. I mean, I speak English fine and I’ve written tons of essay for my IB English class in high school and tons more of stories and poems. But writing something this formal in a corporate manual is something I have never done before. So learning how to write in the voice of a respectful, trustworthy, and not too commanding adult was a challenge. I managed though, I think.

So my overall experience with Adobe Illustrator has been nice so far. I’m looking forward to learning more about the program. I wanna try creating something. Like Iron Man, for example. (Okay, that was not totally random. A guy I met here is into graphic design and he is a pro at Illustrator and Photoshop, and he showed me this work where he created Iron Man that looks exactly like Iron Man, just for fun. And that was awesome.)

Oh, and I also learned how to use Microsoft Excel.


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