Today I just read the simplest and the most correct statement about the issue of atheism vs. Christianity billboards.

“…who the hell converts because of a billboard?” -CoctopusPrime (

It made me laugh.

And it’s actually a truth that I’ve encountered a couple of times in the past year.

I have had some disagreement with my friends over religion and politics. Sometimes it’s fun to just debate the topic. But in the end, I know that no one is going to change their opinion. Not just because of a stupid discussion. So in the end, we just have to agree to disagree. And those who refuse to do that will just have to live discontent.

I have written a few copies for atheism in class myself and no matter how good I or my tutor think they are, I doubt my headlines are going to convert a Christian into an atheist.

I have a truly devoted and passionate Christian friend and even he himself could write a good headline for atheism.


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