Pop Up New York

See more images and the original post here: http://designtaxi.com/news/32658/Old-Pop-Up-Books-Get-New-York-Spin/

I have done pop up myself two years ago for a graphic design project.

We had to make a visual book, however we liked, on whatever topic we liked.

My theme was theater; I wanted to show that what you see on stage is only a tiny fraction of what really goes on in a play.

So I taped four cardboard pieces together horizontally. Now I had a book that from the top view looked like an M or a W shape.

Then on one side, I recreated a stage where the play Romeo and Juliet is going on. And on the other side, I displayed backstage scenes.

So for the backstage scenes, I went around taking pictures of the lighting control console, the dressing room, in the wings, and from on top of the stage looking down. Then I drew characters working and pasted them accordingly.

On stage, I made a pop up balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. So here’s the point of the story, POP UP IS DIFFICULT.

It’s not simple.

And what I did was like kinder garten compared to this.

So I bow down to this piece of work and the artist responsible.

Au revoir.


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